Business and Management Consulting

As part of your team, Centenal Tax Group can provide guidance to help you make the right decisions for the future of your business. Whether you have questions related to buying, expanding, selling or restructuring your business, we have the business acumen and analytical capabilities to help you make the right decisions. Some of our team members have been business owners and understand the complexities that owning a business presents and can help with changes that you may be considering.

Our business and management services include:

  • Business and Management Advisory. We can provide support in business planning as well as evaluate your company’s operations and provide recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.
  • Business Entity Selection. The business entity—LLP, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.— that you select has enormous financial and tax implications and can change as your business grows and changes. We can explain each choice and its implications, and work with your legal counsel to ensure the best selection is made given your circumstances and needs.
  • Buying or Selling a Business. Few business decisions are more important, complex, and potentially business altering than a buy or sell decision. We can provide support through the process with valuation services, vetting potential buyers, developing negotiation and financing strategies, and due diligence.
  • Financial Analysis. When a business is able to undertake strong financial analysis, it opens up new opportunities to improve management, planning, and decision-making. Financial analysis provides the data to support, reject or contemplate a course of action using various scenarios. We can provide financial analysis using industry benchmarks to support the continued prosperity of your business.